Java: children are being taught in tents because their houses were destroyed

„They were the first on the spot – and they’re still there! They deserve our praise and respect. Interhelp’s activities cannot be appreciated enough, and we, the citizens of Hameln, can be proud of the fact that there are people in our town who are not indifferent to the events and catastrophes happening around us, which we must face together.”
Susanne Lippmann, Lady Mayoress of the City of Hameln

„The members of Interhelp are the quiet heroes of ordinary life. These people’s work cannot be held in high enough esteem. It deserves praise and respect.”
Ursula Wehrmann, Mayoress of the City of Hameln

“The city is proud of this organisation.”
Rolf Bremeyer, as Mayor of the city of Hameln about Interhelp

„I approve wholeheartedly of your work.“
“Not only money for aid projects is needed, but people like you who are prepared to become personally involved.”

Rüdiger Butte, Head of Administration of Hameln-Pyrmont District

„What Interhelp does makes sense, it’s respectable, sustainable and effective.“
Hans-Heinrich Sander, Lower Saxon Minister for the Environment

„My humanitarian involvement in Interhelp and the Children in Need campaign is an important component of my life.“
“ I like very much travelling around as a beggar on behalf of this organisation.”

Prince Alexander of Schaumburg-Lippe, Patron of Interhelp – German Society for International Aid (Interhelp Hameln-Pyrmont) regd. association

„You have shown that international contacts are not only government matters but also represent a safety net, able to catch (people) in times of emergency.“
„The humanitarian involvement of the Interhelp members is not only an expression of good and successful citizens’ commitment, but also proof that selfless assistance from Lower Saxony is being given to catastrophe victims, sustainably and independently of headlines.”

Christian Wulff, Lower Saxony’s Minister President

„In Paraliya the people are not only being well looked after, but re-building is also taking shape already.“
News Agency AFP – Agence France-Presse

„ ‚Hameln-Pyrmont helps!’ has succeeded in really helping effectively.“
Süddeutsche Zeitung, Germany

„An initiative from Hameln has begun building houses, for which they have received the blessing of the Minister President. (…) The government likes to show (people) the project.“
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Germany

„The projects visited, „Help for Peraliya“ (building of a school, support of a hospital, equipment for fishermen) which are being carried out by Interhelp – German Society for International Aid, have been impressively successful. In this case it is also true that a trustworthy organisation is possible through personal contacts, and, moreover, is sponsored professionally from Germany.”
Undine Kurth MdB, report for the committee for economic cooperation and development